The world’s first energy-neutral flight training center
IFTC Antalya

Located in Antalya, only 1 hour away from Istanbul, Turkey’ s largest sea resort, IFTC offers dry-leases and wet leases to ATOs and individuals. The IFTC Antalya facility offers a B737NG full flight level D simulator, a B737NG Cabin Evacuation and Emergency Trainer and a Real Fire Fighting Trainer all powered by solar panels.

Pilots enrolled in the IFTC Antalya program will have the opportunity to undergo the required training programs in the most energy-sustainable facility in the world, while enjoying Antalya’ s many beaches, hiking trails, historic sights and perfect weather.

IFTC Antalya

Briefing room & classroom

The facility is equipped with two briefing rooms per simulator and one spacious classroom for Cabin Evacuation and Emergency Trainer. The briefing rooms are ideal for briefing and debriefing sessions before and after each simulator run. Briefing rooms are stocked with Apple TV, whiteboards, screens, a wireless connection and snacks and beverages to accommodate students’ needs.

Briefing room & classroom


Trainees can relax in the lounge and make full use of its coffee corner, printer, computer and comfortable couches.



IFTC Antalya Center Simulators

01. B737NG Level D Full Flight Simulator

Type or variant of aircraft Boeing 737-800W
Primary Reference Document JAR-FSTD A initial issue. Visual system: CS-FSTD(A) initial issue and refer to section J. & K
Visual System Simthetiq, X2, LED DLP projectors, FOV 200degx40deg
Motion System Moog FCS, E-Cue 660-8000, electric pneumatic, 6 DOF
Engine Fit CFM56-7B27
Instrument Fit According to aircraft type Boeing block point 3.0
ACAS Fit TCAS II (ver. 7.1)
Windshear Profiles available
Additional Capabilities UPRT / High altitude stall event/ Icing / Full Stall according to CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2
Restrictions / Limitations None

02. Cabin Emergency & Evacuation Trainer

IFTC Antalya’s B737NG CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) , built by TFC Simulatoren und Technik, is equipped with a visual system with TFT monitors on its passenger windows. These are capable of depicting a range of different scenarios, including water, fire, smoke, obstacle, gate position, stairway.

Sequence scenes such as push back, taxi, take off, cruise, landing during day, dusk and night can be shown by the system as well, allowing the pilots to train for every outcome. Fire can be simulated in the galley oven and the overhead bin.

The cabin trainer is equipped with a B737 training door and a training slide. The cabin trainer is controlled by the touch-screen portable instructor panel, which enables the instructor to select training scenes such as door malfunctions and fires while controling lights, sound/volume, and signs.

Environmental sounds like engine start, take off, cruise, landing gear positioned inside/outside, crashing/explosion, passenger distress, ditching, sea/waves can be produced by the system as well.

Water Survival Training is performed in a pool with the boat and life vest.

03. Real Fire Fighting Trainer

The simulator replicates real fire with heat, smoke and flames. It can simulate every possible fire that can occur on board. Through this simulation crew can learn how to deal with a fire that may be break out.