IFTC provides comprehensive pilot assessment, selection and recruitment services to airlines worldwide. The selection procedure will include tests evaluating pilots’ Complex Control Task (CCT), short term memory, mental arithmetic (mathematics) skills, spatial orientation (orientation), ability to multi-task (task manager), personality and ATPL theoretical knowledge.

IFTC will present those candidates determined to be above the threshold of the airlines’ requirements based on their test results. Next, pilots will be expected to undergo a simulator assessment in a Full Flight Simulator with an instructor. Tests can be conducted with a psychologist upon request. If your airline is unable to conduct the assessments in-house, IFTC is ready to provide you with the full use of its own facilities.

Istanbul is an ideal hub for airlines interested in seeking diversity in its pilot selection and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. With three large (each 40m2) classrooms, two CBT rooms and a dedicated interview room, IFTC offers all the amenities required for such pilot selections to international airlines.

After evaluating the airlines expectations in detail, we are able to integrate its preferences into our program and comply with all necessary requirements.

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