Türkiye's first independent flight simulator training center

Dear Customers and Partners;

IFTC was founded in 2008 by Gözen Holding, a company with over 40 years of experience in the field of aviation. Gözen Holding had a first mover advantage strategy which has enabled IFTC to grow and become the dominant training center over the last 16 years. With 6 simulators, over 25000m2 of space and two simulator centers, IFTC Istanbul and Antalya devotes more than 35000 hours per year to both domestic and international airline companies. Today IFTC offers new services, including pilot recruitment assessments, EASA approved type rating training programs, Engineer/Technician Support and QTG trainings. IFTC even provides its in house knowledge in setting up new simulator center facilities to investors interested in the prospect.

We are more dedicated than ever to improving safety in the aviation industry at IFTC, increasing awareness of new methods of trainings in the classroom as well as in management system solutions. We firmly believe that the aviation industry can only benefit from such strategies in the near future. Our commitment to sustaining our presence in the region has enabled us to extend an innovative outlook and form unique partnerships around the world.

The experiences our clients are confronted by in our training centers is important to us. Because clients aren't just names and numbers; they are the very souls of aircrafts and thus aviation. As such they deserve to receive the best training and services available in the industry.

After over a decade in the industry IFTC is increasingly committed to meet the growing demand for aviation training and raise the pilots of the future.


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