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IFTC Antalya’s new Boeing 737 CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) cabin trainer, built by TFC Simulatoren und Technik, is equipped with a visual system with TFT monitors on the passenger windows. These are capable of depicting a range of different scenarios, including water, fire, smoke, obstacle, gate position, stairway. Sequence scenes such as push back, taxi, take off, cruise, landing during day, dusk and night can be shown by the passenger window visual system.


Fire can be simulated in the galley oven and the bin. The cabin trainer is equipped with a B737 training door and a training slide. The cabin trainer is controlled by the touch-screen portable instructor panel, which enables the instructor to select training scenes like door malfunctions and fires, control lights and sound/volume, and signs. Environmental sounds like engine start, take off, cruise, landing gear in/out, crashing/explosion, passenger distress, ditching, sea/waves can be produced by the system.


Cabin crew trainees from SunExpress, who trained on July 4th, were the first trainees to use the simulator.


IFTC has published the CEET operating guide accessible to all IFTC’s customers in their login section of the IFTC website. Instead of manually-filled in paper forms, IFTC developed a special interface for CEET instructors to select the training performed in the CEET, insert participant names, and do the quality rating.