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IFTC Opens World's First "Green" Flight Training Center

Antalya, Turkey. IFTC (International Flight Training Center) is celebrating the launch of its newest training center. The facility, located on the southern coast of Turkey, in the Antalya Free Zone, is the Green Flight Training Center first of its kind. The facility features a self-sustainable building module, solar panels, energy-efficient heating and cooling pumps, LED lighting, fully electric cars and natural landscaping. The Mechtronix-built Boeing Next-Generation 737 flight simulator boasts the lowest energy consumption of any on the market.

The project was designed to be the lowest impact, most cost efficient simulator center in the world.

The green simulator project is the brainchild of Marty van Veluw, CEO of IFTC. His building design uses less energy and allows for greater flexibility, as modules can be added or removed as training requirements change. "From the solar charged electric cars down to the eco friendly cleaning materials and recycled paper products, our aim is to make IFTC Antalya the training center with the smallest carbon footprint on earth."

IFTC Boeing logos on the building

During an opening ceremony on September 22, speakers included Mr. Binali Yıldırım, the Turkish Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak, the Governor of Antalya, and Mr. David Naves, the Head of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Dutch Embassy in Ankara. Van Veluw notes that much was made of the Turkish and Dutch collaboration for the project: "Turkey and the Netherlands celebrate four centuries of diplomatic relations this year, and the Minister of Transport and the Dutch representative from the embassy both emphasized how this project perfectly illustrates the strong co-operation and economic ties that exist between our two countries. IFTC Antalya is a synthesis of Turkish and Dutch design, technology, and entrepreneurship and an example of how well we can work together to create something that's never been done before."

Another important collaboration for IFTC is with Boeing [NYSE:BA]. An agreement signed in December 2011 allowed the company to combine their existing operations with the “Boeing Edge” - Boeing qualified instructors and Boeing certified training - to ensure the absolute highest quality flight training is available to customers.

Sun Express aircraft

Cengiz Arbaç, General Manager of IFTC, will manage the Antalya center, which will eventually feature additional training and mockup (CEET) modules, as well as another simulator module. “This business model can be implemented anywhere in the world, managed and operated remotely with a minimum of staff. It will change the way training centers are built and run.” Arbaç, thankful for IFTC's main customer in Antalya, Sun Express, says that a long-term agreement with the Turkish airline is the real reason they were able to make this vision a reality.

IFTC's main focus is on Turkey and on the training requirements in the region, while partner Sim Finance is duplicating the "Green Simulator" concept around the world with the support of IFTC.


About IFTC
IFTC is the first independent and private training center in Turkey established to provide flight training in Boeing Next-Generation 737 and A320 aircraft. In addition to type-rating training, IFTC provides cockpit training, crew recruitment training, cabin crew training, MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation), and other specialized training. Parent company Gozen Holding is active in the field of aviation training, representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage and security.

About Boeing Edge
Boeing offers a comprehensive portfolio of commercial aviation services, collectively known as the Boeing Edge, bringing value and advantages to customers and the industry. Boeing Flight Services provides integrated offerings to drive optimized performance, efficiency and safety through advanced flight and maintenance training as well as improved air traffic management and 24/7 flight operations support. Flight Services provides digital tools and intelligent information and data to enhance overall operations, airport infrastructure, fuel efficiency, flight planning, navigation and scheduling.


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