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IFTC starts construction cabin training facility in Antalya

Existing IFTC Simulator buildingInternational Flight Training Center (IFTC) has begun construction on the flight training industry's first "self-supporting" cabin trainer facility in Antalya, Turkey. A modular building will house the Boeing 737 cabin trainer and will be powered by solar energy. It will feature LED lighting and environmentally friendly cooling and heating systems.

IFTC opened the world's first "green" flight simulator center in the city on the southern coast of the country in September 2012, winning an award for greenest building in Antalya presented by Mustafa Akaydin, the mayor of Antalya, in December.

Marty van Veluw, CEO of IFTC, explains that this expansion perfectly illustrates the idea of the Green Simulator Project. "The beauty of the concept is that you add or remove modules according to necessity, so that you always have the most Mock-up building construction 1 effective solution. For instance, this mockup module is built because there is a certain requirement now. The modular buildings mean that there is no guessing as to how much space will be needed in the future, and empty or excess space does not need to be heated, cooled and maintained unnecessarily until it is used. Each module is a separate profit center, and is constructed to be operated in the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly way possible."





Cengiz Arbac, GM of IFTC Antalya, adds, "Not only is this addition commercially significant for IFTC and for the region, but it also furthers a main objective ofMock-up building construction 1 the Gozen Group, which is to increase the quality of training in Turkey."




The modular building design was developed in The Netherlands and will be built by local construction company Topcu, responsible for completing IFTC's initial simulator module last year, notably during the year-long celebration of 400 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and The Netherlands. The cabin mock-up module is being constructed to support IFTC's main customer in Antalya, Turkish airline Sun Express, as well as other airlines in Turkey and the region.

About IFTC
IFTC is the first independent and private training center in Turkey, established to provide flight training in Boeing Next-Generation 737 and A320 aircraft. In addition to type-rating training, IFTC provides cockpit training, crew recruitment training, cabin crew training, MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation), and other specialized training. Parent company Gozen Holding is active in the field of aviation training, representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage and security.


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